April & Matt’s French Garden Party Wedding Invitations

April and Matt were married at the Glen Manor House late last summer. The vision for their day was inspired by 1920’s French garden parties and the delightful French movie Amelie. It was also important to April that sustainable materials be used. With this inspiration in hand we developed a playful suite with free-flowing text typeset in a quirky calligraphy font. Bits of French were brought into the design on the RSVP and the quote that graces the inside of the kraft mailer. I love when I’m given the opportunity to have fun with the RSVP envelope and can integrate the stamp in a dynamic way. In this instance, the stamp was framed in flourishes the complimented the font. To ensure the envelope would travel successfully through the mail, we did a test mailing before having the envelopes printed. The cards were tucked inside the kraft mailer creating a unique package for guests to open and experience. The mailer was sealed with a strip of wash tape and addressed with the beautiful calligraphy of Brown Linen Designs.

The main invitation was letterpress printed on double-thick 220# ecru Crane’s Lettra while all the enclosures were letterpress printed on 110# Lettra. Lettra is a 100% cotton sheet is made from cotton fibers gleaned from the cotton seeds, after having been cleaned for garment production and before being processed for cotton seed oil. This made it a perfect choice to honor April’s request of using sustainable materials. The kraft mailer was made from 100% post consumer waste and all the inks were soy based. The cherry on top? My printer has a strict recycling and conservation program and uses bicycle messengers for the majority of their local deliveries. All the bases were covered!