Christmas in July

Clearly I am terrible about posting work when it's relevant. Take this New Year's card I designed for Culinary Concerts way back in December (!) Printed on super thick chipboard, the card accompanied 4 locally grown apples and a chili-lime salt. It's got a fun,

Welcome Dinner Clambake

Congratulations to Megan and Mike! They're getting married tomorrow and are kicking off the festivities with a welcome dinner clambake tonight. In addition to designing their wedding invitations (which I CANNOT wait to share), I worked with Megan to design these lobster-themed invites. C'mon, how

Oh the places you’ll go!

With summer around the corner, it's that time of the year when students of all ages are marking the end of classes and many are donning graduation caps. Jubilee Events channeled Dr. Seuss and put together a graduation party celebrating the promising future of these